Reasons for Services

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. It’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”     — Mark Twain
The Importance of Professional Writing Services
Writing can be rough on some people. They experience symptoms: Eyes become as vacant as the empty page staring back at them. Ears imagine a clock ticking nearby like a sound effect in a B-movie remake.
These can indicate a writing project to nowhere. 
I can help.
My work is to provide quality written content for your organization, business or personal stories. If you resonate with any of the scenarios below, then there's reason to consider my writing services.
Your time is valuable
The time you invest in your business is likely at a premium. Toiling over words and phrases that resist coming to mind takes you away from your other important responsibilities. So, while writing might not be the shrimp in your cocktail, it’s a passion for me. Hiring me to write for you will give you time to focus on your areas of expertise.
Credibility defines your image
Professional, well-written documents bolster the credibility of your reputation and all you work for. Written pieces that lack any degree of care—from minor spelling mistakes to defying the standards of English—call your overall credibility into question. I can help ensure your documents are taken seriously and receive the respect you’ve earned.
Clarity avoids confusion
Writing that isn’t clear and understandable gets tossed aside. Readers have more to do with their time and energy than decipher text that’s peppered with baffling sentences, hopscotch organization, obscure vocabulary and shoddy grammar. My goal is to help clarify your ideas so your written content makes sense, doesn’t contradict itself and is easily readable.
You need an outside eye
At times, we forget that other people aren’t as familiar with a topic or concept as we are. Working intimately with a written project can result in forgetting obvious inclusions. Similarly, assuming readers already understand a concept can leave them out of the loop. When you’ve got some explaining to do, I offer a detached view of your content to help ensure it doesn’t lack important details.
Now the flip side—too much text. I will also recognize: 1) repetitive information that squanders time and space on something previously clarified, or 2) frivolous information that makes readers work too hard.
Style packs your punch
Consider the difference between writing that’s…
Correct and detailed, but
imparts information with all the excitement of a hoe handle.
The piece that pops and won’t let up…
It’s all about style.
However, merely grabbing attention isn’t enough. Well-honed style keeps readers reading. Face it, business documents, instruction manuals and newsletters aren’t likely nominations for a Pulitzer Prize. But they’re certainly worthy of meaty word-choice, resourceful phrasing and a healthy touch of heart. I will work with you to fine-tune your written documents and keep readers cruising across the words.
If you would like additional information, please visit my “Contact” page. Fill out your contact information and I’ll be in touch.