Writing Services

My Writing Services
As your hired pen, I offer you three basic options:
    1) I will gather content information and generate text for
        your written project.
    2) You can provide information and ideas for me.
    3) We can cultivate a combination of both.
The process is a collaborative effort, so you won’t be snubbed. Final approval of project content is yours.
Here are the types of writing I offer:
Nature and conservation articles, and outdoor stories
Human interest features
Business and organizational documents
Manuals and how-to guides
Reports and proposals
Marketing and media
Brochure or catalog content
Advertising copy
Press releases
Speaking and presentations
Internet content and correspondences
Website content and FAQ pages
E-mail text
My Specialization
Outdoor, nature and conservation writing is a dominant interest in my life. Considering I purposely live in a small town on the edge of the wilderness in northern Minnesota, it’s a natural fit. 
However, I care just as much for the people around me, their art, culture and interests, as I do for the forest critters and their habitat. Hence, I’ve got an attraction to human interest stories. The entire bunch of us are inseparable.
While I have an affinity for artistic language, I confess to an unexplainable quirk. I also answer to the side of my brain that has a fascination for methodical organization, structure and clarity required in business and technical documents. There’s a certain pleasure in cut-to-the-chase writing with no ambiguities.
To read some of my written work, please visit my “Writing Samples” page or click here.
If you you would like additional information, please visit my “Contact” page or click here. Fill out your contact information and I’ll be in touch.